Case Studies


Client – Canadian FP 500 Company


  • Complicated portfolio of communication services for over 4,000 employees.
  • Numerous locations, Canadian, U.S., International.
  • 1,000’s of pages of invoices from multiple vendors, needing monthly review.
  • Client required to work with restricted list of telecom vendors.
  • Staff engaged in high priority projects as well as bill reduction and cost management.
  • Growth and acquisitions required many hard to track moves, changes and cancellations.
  • Complex invoices prevented visibility resulting in billing errors.
  • Vendor allowed contracts to auto-renew at legacy rates with no client notification.
  • Client wanted to gain dedicated access to best-in-class pricing and expert market insight.


  • Company-wide audit of services and contracts by PBC Communications.
  • Every service reviewed and reconciled with contract to ensure correct pricing and status.
  • PBC negotiated new contracts and pricing.
  • $865,000 Reduction annual MRC.
  • 50% Operational cost savings.
  • $200,000 billing errors identified and recovered by PBC.
  • Condensed 1,000’s of invoice pages to under 100 (95% less pages to review).
  • Productivity increased as bill review time slashed by 100’s of hours.
  • Monthly monitoring/management for correct pricing to identify additional cost savings.
  • $75,000 Invalid Ghost MRC identified and eliminated.
  • $185,000 annual decrease of LD costs.
  • $70,000 SIP projected cost reduction.
  • $32,000 yearly reduction in local Internet costs.
  • $500,000 IPVPN projected cost reduction of over per year.
  • Additional Voice Services projected to drop by $240,000 per year.
  • DIA Fibre costs projected reduction of $83,000 per year.


Client – Global Leader in Enterprise Payment Systems


  • Client’s customer base was international.
  • Client’s toll free and LD services were key to their business.
  • Keeping their system running smoothly was imperative.
  • Client had good rates for long distance/toll free but were spending too much time on toll free reporting and calculating.
  • IT Director said they were quite confident they had the best rates available.
  • CFO felt there was a need to find a time saving solution and was looking for cost reduction.
  • Current annual LD spend = $301,640k.

Solution & Results

  • PBC negotiated 36% reduction in Long Distance and Toll-Free MRC.
  • PBC implemented monthly diagnostics which increased productivity by significantly reducing IT hours spent analyzing charges.
  • Negotiated calls below 6 seconds free and 6 second incremental billing.
  • PBC facilitated Customer Service upgrade from 1 representative to a full team.
  • PBC’s toll free reporting enabled IT Team to free up time to focus on other needed projects.
  • Transition to new provider was smooth, client happy with new provider.
  • LD spend reduced by over $110k annually.
  • 40% reduction overall telecom MRC = over $369k in savings per annum.