Our Mission

We design telecom resilience strategies, so you can focus on business value.

Focus On Business Outcomes, Not Downtime

Customer Experience

We identify IT/Telecom opportunities and risks and create a plan for risk resilience. Your organization will achieve improved customer experience with further business intelligence, better cost control and enhanced financial flexibility.

Play your Part

Each member of the C-Suite has a role to play in ensuring IT due diligence. The graphic below describes how each member (CEO, CMO, CFO, COO, CSO, CTO) impacts IT strategy. Our audit of your strategy will provide assurance that your IT/Telecom services are sufficient for your business needs. 

Stay the Course

We can bring industry partners to fulfill project resourcing needs, so you don’t have to draw upon your internal team. Our customers marvel at the low disruption and high returns when working with us.

Founder & CEO of PBC Communications

Rob Whitzman

From the Founder

Our PBC Company Story

When I first started in this industry over 20 years ago, I realized that many of the telco’s clients were paying premium pricing and that we could help them save money by negotiating the best possible deal. We consistently saved our clients about 35% on their telecom bills on average. That’s huge savings! I also saw the benefits to my clients when they diverted these savings to other much-needed areas of their business. Improved customer service, internal efficiencies, and increased productivity, to name a few.

Initially, we worked with smaller companies that didn’t have the infrastructure to work with the large telco’s. A large part of the 35% savings was due to “billing errors” on the clients’ invoices, often in favour of the phone company. I also found there were other hidden benefits like identifying unused services or improving contract terms. The disparity in information triggered my sense of ethics and fairness.

It became my mission to champion telecom savings on behalf of our clients. Today, we work with larger companies and the savings are still there, just exponentially bigger and with a more complex IT roadmap. We audit IT/Telecom strategies for risks and opportunities, ensure strategic governance and help clients satisfy C-Suite and Board requirements when it comes to IT.  And nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping my clients focus on their core business, and knowing they are getting a good, fair deal.