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Successful leaders focus on opportunity while managing risk.

- Rob Whitzman, CEO PBC Communications

of PBC Clients have realized Resilience Opportunities while enhancing Risk mitigation

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The CAE (Chief Audit Executive) provides strategic advice and guides the rest of C-Suite on complex matters using opportunities and risks. Assessments/formal reviews, IT audit risk assurance and capability, and technology resilience are among the CAE’s concerns.

The CAE always works towards the Assurance and Accuracy of the Financial Integrity of IT/Telecom services.

The CEO is forward-looking when it comes to opportunities and risks. Innovation and enhanced customer and employee experience, while protecting the company’s reputation, are among some of the CEO’s concerns.

Strengthen Strategic Governance and IT/Telecom Resilience Assurance are both challenges of the CEO as well as protecting Shareholder Value and Maximizing Company’s Communication Impact.

The CFO grows the company by using opportunities and risks while enhancing financial integrity, flexibility, and governance.

Responding to changing economic conditions, business intelligence and merger and acquisition IT efficiencies are among some of the CFO’s concerns. The CFO values internal audits and uses them as a tool to improve IT/Telecom Assurance.

Identifying Capital Redeployment Opportunities and ensuring the accuracy of IT/Telecom Financials are also key to this position.

The CIO develops and implements IT plans that support high-quality user experiences using opportunities and risks. Oversight improved control over vendor relationships, and security & data governance are among the CIO’s concerns.

Collaboration on IT/Telecom Audits along with adding efficiencies to existing Telecom Services and Management Systems are also some of the CIO’s roles.

Typical Opportunity and Risk Domains

PBC performs an in-depth review of the Telecom Environment in your organization evaluating risks and controls and provides recommendations for risk mitigation

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Our Story

Has the need for emergency response Telecom set-up and redesign left your company vulnerable to a long-term recession?

For 20 years, we have helped companies mitigate Telecom risk and thrive despite global conditions.

Our Solution

PBC has a unique approach to technology, opportunity and risk resilience. We go beyond traditional cost optimization by partnering with risk management specialists to uncover opportunities risks below the traditional surface. We summarize our recommendations into key assessment domains, map your opportunities and risks for complexity, maturity and health, and we help your company develop a resilient IT roadmap – to name a few.

Our Services

Opportunity and Risk Strategy

  • Enhance Customer Experience; Protect Reputation; Reaction Plan and Lessons Learned
  • Enhance Financial Flexibility; Improve Business Intelligence; Contract Terms Control
  • Access Availability, Security, Redundancy
  • Provide Assurance of Technology Resilience

Audit Co-Sourcing

  • Enhance Strategic governance and assurance of IT/Telecom
  • Enhance Value and Scope from Internal Audit
  • Collaboration and Common Language on IT/Telecom
  • Strengthen IT Audit Risk and Capability

Cost Optimization

  • Provide Assurance to shareholders that IT/Telecom services are audited and are efficient
  • Provide additional assurance of accuracy of contract management and financial integrity of telecom services
  • Collaboration and common language on IT/Telecom
  • Enhance value and scope from internal audit

Why Choose PBC?


With over 20 years in the industry and hundreds of audits performed, we surface all the unknowns and guide you to mitigate these risks.
After all, Opportunity is simply positive risk

Ideal Solution

We pride ourselves in our ability to identify vendor agnostic opportunity and provide an a high level of due diligence.

Beyond Cost Reduction

We know that cost reduction is only part of the overall picture; we provide with risk and resilience solutions which we then integrate with your business. Our customers experience improved service levels, reduced downtime, and many other core business benefits.

Humanized Service

We provide a human-centered, first-class personal service tailored to your unique business needs.

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