“This service saved us a great deal of money without any disruptions or hassles. They took a look at our wireless and landline phone bills, analyzed our usage and plans, negotiated with the phone companies and lowered our bills.” – Pathways Club House
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“Whether billing issues, hardware issues or program adjustments, it is now just a call to the office and we have a warm, service-oriented businessperson to solve our problems.” – PVL Projects
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“Not only did they find several billing errors but they lowered my telecom costs by over 50%!!! – Yorkville Carpet Care
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“As the IT Director for a 200-seat Accounting firm, I was delighted when PBC was able to identify savings and reduce costs a further 31% with unpublished packages & rates!” – Collins Barrow
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Free expert analysis of all Telecom and Network expenses. No risk, no commission.  We only get paid if we save you money.

PBC can source the best services at the best prices in Canada at no cost to our clients.  Expert, unbiased advice included.

We know networks. Experienced with SIP, PRI, PBX, Fibre, SDWAN, IPVPN, Bonding, Disaster preparedness, Redundant networks, Instant Failover.

Slash Phone Costs

We are vendor agnostic


We work with clients across Canada


Decrease telecom expenses by 10%-80% (average of 35%)


Use our superior leverage to access unpublished plans


Cut through the facade of “free upgrades” and “unlimited” promotions that could be costing you! We optimize communication plans specific to our clients’ needs.

Is what you don’t know

costing you?


You could be paying 35% extra for excess telecom capacity that you don’t need


Up to 26% of your telecom spend could be billing errors


80% of telecom billings are incorrect (GARTNER)


Of the 80% of incorrect billings, 98% go undetected (GARTNER)

How we do it

There is absolutely no risk and our service is absolutely FREE.
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If we don’t save you money, we don’t charge you a cent.

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