Smart Phone Training

There are many benefits of taking our Smartphone and Tablet workshops.

Having a knowledgeable user can be an invaluable asset to your Company’s expense management program.

We help them understand your Voice and Data plans; 90% of users don’t understand the expense your Company incurs when sending and receiving data or what data really is.

We teach users how to optimize settings and become familiar with numerous time saving hot keys giving your staff back up to one hour per day!

Our Training Will Help You…

  1. Save Money
    Did you know that when you travel outside your home network on business or personal you might be incurring unnecessary costs?
  2. Save Time
    Did you know that studies show training users can save up to 65 minutes a day.

    • That equates to approximately $7000 in efficiency costs per user (based on 52K salary)
  3. Increase Efficiency
    Less frustration with “How do I do this?”
  4.  Increase Retention of Information
    Interactive, hands-on and fun
  5. Reduce Calls to Your Helpdesk, Carrier, Reseller, EA.
    Did you know there are 4 basic steps to troubleshooting?
  6. Increase “buy-in” for BES and Company Policies and Processes
    We explain why there might be a need for passwords, processes to follow, reiterate company policies.

We are not generalists but rather have a specific focus on wireless devices and a definitive focus on you, the end-user, that is what it is really all about. We really care.

We train big and small. We have a desire to improve your productivity and save you money with recommended applications, training and support.

We Offer the Following:

  • Live group training
  • Private one on one with your senior leaders
  • Private one on one with your staff
  • On-line training
  • BlackBerry
  • iPhone
  • PlayBook
  • iPad
  • All Email platforms
  • Microsoft Office Training

Contact us and we would be happy to discuss Training and Consulting with you!

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