FREE Negotiation Tips

Not a Corporation but want to save on your telecom?
Get what you deserve from your telecom provider.

Before you negotiate…

  1. Do your research. Ask your friends/family what they are paying. Make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples”. Discount Services may have inferior offerings. Eg. Do you know what a Fido City Zone is?
  2. Avoid overages on talk, text and data.
  3. Understand your bill. What are your overages?

    » What is your monthly average voice usage? What was your peak in the last 6 months?» Do your free minutes features really work for you? Free after 6PM isn’t a bonus if you don’t use your phone in the evenings! Audit the promotions they offer you like Unlimited Incoming Minutes, Mobile to Mobile, My Five and make sure they are offering YOU value. They haven’t helped you that much if you have a lot of free minutes available that have not been used.» What is your monthly average data usage?What was your peak data in the last 6 months?» What is your monthly average text usage? What was your peak texts sent in the last 6 months?

    » Do you pay for Texting Pictures and Video? TIP: You shouldn’t.

    » Look at the minutes of long distance saved.

  4. Do you need that 6 Gig Data Plan? You may use less than 5% of this. Consider 500Megs and save $5-$10 / month.
  5. Know that you can change your plan no matter how new it is, although the further along in the contract you are, provides you with more leverage.
  6. Always get past the first line of Customer Service and ask to speak to a department called Customer Relations or Loyalty and Retention.
  7. Have telecom competitors’ offers in hand. Don’t necessarily read it verbatim to the agent. Tell them that “just as I wouldn’t give your offer to the competitor, it wouldn’t be right to give all of the details to you.”
  8. Negotiate for the cost of all plans and features. Sometime you can get free or extremely cheap long distance. Know which features make sense for YOU to fight for.