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Wireless phone plans and options that do not match your employees’ usage patterns can add significant cost to your business. Many organizations do not have the tools or resources to track how their employees are using their company-supplied wireless phones, and in many cases are unable to assess this use and the associated costs.

A thorough understanding of phone usage among employees, detailed down to the level of specific job function, can pay dividends for your organization. Matching wireless plans to usage can improve your overall business efficiency and reduce unnecessary expense.

We are the telecommunications experts

PBC has industry-leading, proprietary analytical tools designed to accurately identify, record and report your employees’ wireless usage on a phone-by-phone basis. That analysis, combined with extensive experience and wireless service expertise of our Consultants, will result in a recommendation based specifically on your organization’s usage and needs.

We can also assist in the development of corporate wireless phone usage policies that can help reduce waste and unnecessary expense.

Finally, our Research team, which spends countless hours researching wireless service options, plans and rates, helps ensure that the best options are presented to you. Our Consultants will work on your behalf with service providers in your area to ensure that you acquire only the plans that are suitable for you and that you pay for only the services you use.

Talk to us today about a wireless service recommendation based entirely on your requirements.

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