Local Service, T1, PRI, Business Lines, MPLS, ATM, Centrex, etc.

“My Landline Rates are Good Enough… Aren’t They?”

Many organizations are satisfied with their local telephone service if they consistently hear a dial tone when they pick up their telephone. Given that there are several different options and plans available for local service in your area, an evaluation of your usage and call traffic may indicate that a different package, or a different provider, might be more suitable for your needs.

When considering a change, most organizations will turn to their current provider, who may offer a variety of choices and options. What they cannot offer, unfortunately, are choices and options from other providers. And if they don’t have a package perfectly suited to your needs, you are at risk of receiving (and paying for) options that you will not use.

We Are Telecommunications Experts

At PBC, we can ensure you receive the best local service for your individual business needs.

Our Consultants can provide:

  • Reports summarizing all fixed and variable service costs and charges
  • Analysis of traffic studies and recommendations tailored to your usage patterns
  • Advice and guidance on service providers in your area
  • Recommendations to optimize your local service configurations
  • Identification of possible billing errors and potential refunds

We can help by identifying the latest plans, rates and options from all providers. We can also help reduce the complexity of local service bills and invoices.

Most importantly, our Consultants will work on your behalf with service providers in your area to ensure that you acquire only the packages and options suitable for your organization and that you pay for only the services you will use.

Let us review your landline phone bills and negotiate a local service plan designed specifically for you.

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