Cully Duffin

Cully Duffin – Managing Partner.

With a sincere interest in people and an early aptitude for business and management, Cully attended the U of A and studied Psychology with a focus on Marketing.

Immediately after graduating in the mid-nineties, Cully jumped into the world of high-tech consulting and sales and amassed a great understanding of communications and technology by training hundreds of users on Microsoft Office products and working with Fortune 50 companies such as the Yellow Pages Group.

Cully now brings all of his experience in management, training, educating and consulting to help his clients maneuver through their telecom expenses and get the best rates and value. If you have a question, Cully is the man to ask and he is sure to bring his sense of humour along!

Cully’s Fun Facts:

  • He rode camels in front of the Pyramids in Egypt
  • He’s seen 2 of the 7 Wonders of the World and wants to see all 7
  • He came within 2.7 seconds of matching the world record 4-man bobsled time in 2007… However, an ex-Olympian may have been driving
  • Been around the world with YMCA helping kids get involved in sports programs
  • First person in family to own a cell phone

Rob Whitzman

Rob Whitzman – Chief of Operations.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science (Physics Major, Computer Minor) from Wilfrid Laurier University Rob embarked on a 19-year career gaining experience and expertise across many facets of IT from network administration to IT planning and management.

This real-world understanding of Corporate IT gave Rob unique insight into telecom expense challenges and, with that knowledge, he put his software development skills to work to create PBC propriety analytic software – the secret ingredient in optimizing and reducing telecom expenses.

However, Rob’s interests go further than zeros and ones; he’s also a downright “nice guy” with a genuine desire to help people. His rottweiler, Maia, has Rob wrapped around her little paw so it’s natural for Rob to give back with contributions to the Humane Society, in addition to the ongoing support of PBC’ charity of choice, the United Way.

Rob is committed to providing his clients great value as a partner and service provider.

Rob’s Fun Facts:

  • He ran a resort in Mexico, managing over 1600 students
  • He leisurely read a newspaper floating in the Dead Sea without the use of a floatation device
  • He once sat face to face with a 20-foot green moray (a MASSIVE eel)