Giving Back

At PBC, we believe in giving back. We strongly connect with the work, Mission, Aspirations & Values of the United Way and are happy to support their cause.

The United Way Mission

To improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

The United Way Aspirations

To do this, we aspire to:

  • Energize and inspire people to make a difference
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for individuals to realise their potential by demonstrating volunteer leadership in service to community
  • Reflect the diversity of the communities we serve
  • Craft human care agendas within and across our communities
  • Build coalitions around agendas
  • Increase investments in agendas by expanding and diversifying our own resource development and fundraising efforts and supporting those of others
  • Ensure investments have recognizable impact
  • Strengthen the UW-C Movement, building on individual and collective strengths and abilities of autonomous, local UW-Cs.

The United Way Values

Our values are to:

  • Provide non-partisan leadership in social change.
  • Endorse innovation, partnerships and collective action
  • Respect community wisdom and encourage citizen involvement
  • Encourage and promote volunteerism and volunteer leadership
  • Demonstrate trust, integrity, transparency, inclusivity and respect
  • Embrace diversity.

In communities across the country, United Way works to address the root causes of social problems, such as poverty.

Part of this work necessarily involves gaining an understanding of the social, economic and cultural context of our communities, as well as trends occurring more broadly, such as nationally or globally, since these trends can have an impact on the health of our local communities.

Accordingly, United Ways – Centraides will develop research, publish reports and monitor and share research and reports from leading think tanks, government, our labour partners, universities and other non-profits, in an effort to support their work to find solutions to critical social and community issues.