About Us

PBC are Telecom Expense Management consultants reducing mobile, landline, conference, and data expenses for companies across Canada.

We can help you…

  • Decrease telecom expenses by 10%-80% (average of 35%)
  • Recover hundreds and even thousands in erroneous charges
  • Cut through the facade of “free upgrades” and “unlimited” promotions that could be costing you! We optimize communication plans specific to our clients’ needs.

We use proprietary software to review and optimize your telecom bills and then negotiate on your behalf to save you an average 35% on your telecom spend. You aren’t required to switch providers and we don’t sell or resell telecom plans or products. We simply optimize your current services. We are able to negotiate usage plans that are not available to the public because of our superior leverage, years of experience, our proprietary analysis software, and key industry relationships.

We are different from other telecom consultants in that we continue to drive down costs while actively managing your telecom spend. We are paid purely on performance and, as a result, we are continually motivated to keep finding you savings.

For more information, you may be interested in reading about How it Works and our FAQ documentation.