Telecom Opportunity & Risk Resilience Services

IT Risk Assessment Programs in all sizes of organizations are a necessary part of managing a business strategy. We at PBC have realized that there is a need in the technology workspace for a Telecom specific Risk Resilience suite of services that are highly valued by our technology leadership partners and Executive Leadership (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO CISO)

Service Value

This is the foundational work to uncover your IT/Telecom Risks and Opportunities and can be scaled to suit your needs.

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Telecom Risk Services

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the Telecom industry, delivery platforms and risk, we provided two levels of assessment services to meet your needs.

Level One

Client-Driven Risk Level Assessment (Short Term)

Level Two

Detail Level Risk Assessment (Longer Term)

Level One - Client Driven Risk Level Assessment

If you are time or resource constrained, we work with your company on a subset of our PBC Telecom Risk Domain model  to best fit your short-term needs.

Level Two – Detail Level Risk Assessment

PBC performs an in-depth review of the Telecom Environment in your organization evaluating risks and controls, and providing recommendations for risk mitigation. PBC will leverage our Risk Domain model and leading practices for risk methodologies including ISO 21000/27001 and ITIL, depending on your business model requirements.