“I would recommend the services of PBC Communications to any business owner with an eye on the bottom line and an appreciation for superior service.”

John Achtem

President, Automation One

“I would not hesitate recommending PBC outsourcing. Very efficient, friendly and honestly the savings were worth exploring. I am very happy we spent the time exploring cost savings with PBC.”

Vance McCarthy

President, Beatty Floors

“Like many companies,we have considerable telecom expenses,but were diligent about keeping costs low. PBC verified that our rates were low and then proceeded to reduce our rates by approximately 40% without taxing my staff’s time. They were professional, knowledgeable and available whenever we needed them. They continue to monitor our telecom expenses and save us money, I would highly recommend PBC to other companies.”

James Grundy


“We were very happy with the entire experience of dealing with PBC. There were no significant demands on our staff‘s time and the procedure was quite painless. They were able to reduce our bills by over 30% and provide peace of mind and improve our service level. Throughout our relationship, the team at PBC has continuously helped us resolve challenges and solve problems”.

BTM highly recommends partnering with Phone PBC. With no downside, this service is a must for any organization

“This service saved us a great deal of money without any disruptions or hassles. They took a look at our wireless and landline phone bills, analyzed our usage and plans, negotiated with the phone companies and lowered our bills.”

As the IT Director for a 200-seat Accounting firm, I thought we had negotiated good telecom rates through a bidding process which reduced our annual wireless costs by 50%. With no up-front costs for the consult, I was delighted when PBC was able to identify savings and reduce costs a further 31% with unpublished packages & rates!

“We had attempted to review on our own telecom to no avail. PBC completed the review very quickly and made recommendations which resulted in a 60% annual savings on telecommunication services.”

“These guys came in and saved us thousands, even though we thought we were already getting good deals from our reps and they paid themselves out of the money they found! An actual WIN-WIN!”

Taking on for what for I’m sure is a very small account; you have always made us feel as though we were your best client.  When you are saving large companies tens of thousands of dollars, our small cell phone account was still on your radar.  This certainly demonstrates the extra mile you go for your clients; big or small.

“We were concerned about our increasing telephone and data costs. PBC not only  found us substantial savings but as customers were treated with top priority. The level of customer service and commitment exhibited is hard to find in today’s business world.”

“We engaged the services of the team at PBC to work with us to review and come up with strategies that we could implement to reduce our telecommunications costs, in addition to improving the services we receive from the various providers of these services. Your timely responses to our enquiries, constant monitoring of our billings to ensure that there are no discrepancies and if any to have them resolved quickly and your commitment to customer service and support has been a true pleasure to experience.”

“PBC reduced our costs significantly, found billing errors, and increased our service level without taxing our staff resources and have provided expert advice that we were not receiving from our carriers.”

“PBC Telecom Consultants helped our company to substantially reduce our Phone, Wireless and Data bills as well as to provide us with many cost saving tips and strategies. They used their experience and understanding of our systems to maximize our savings. My only regret is that I had not started using their services sooner.

I strongly recommend this company”.

“Whether billing issues, hardware issues or program adjustments, it is now just a call to the office and we have a warm, service-oriented businessperson to solve our problems.”

“Just a quick note that you are free to pass on. You and PBC are awesome. You have “phound” the nickels and dimes companies should constantly be on the lookout for. There is very little time investment in providing the background information. After that you guys take it and run with it and communicate regularly. The savings are certainly something we could not have discovered on our own.”

“The telephone audit was completed in a timely manner without disruption to our day-to-day operations. This has resulted in a considerable overall savings to our billings for wireless, landline telephone, and telephone/web conferencing.”

“Not only did they find several billing errors but they lowered my telecom costs by over 50%!!!

We have partnered with PBC for several years. In that time frame they have saved us 45% on our telecommunication costs all while providing professional and dependable services.
It has lessened the load and burden from our end knowing our partnership is working to save money but also get the best product. It allowed us to focus on our core business and work with a great partner to secure the best service for our
telecommunication needs.
I would highly recommend using PBC for all your telecommunication needs, you will not be disappointed.

Mario Gugliotta

Shepherd Village Inc.