Telecom Audit Co Sourcing

The PBC Team services span the four key areas of IT risks in our client organizations (Processes, Projects, Systems, and Application Development).

Service Value

We provide support to the Internal Audit department:

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What Is Co-Sourcing?

When it comes to meeting the needs of your internal IT Audit plan, your Audit department may benefit from Co-Sourcing vendors who have specific IT skills and experience. The PBC team provides specialized services for co-sourcing support for Telecom risk and control audits. We span four key areas of IT risk for you (Processes, Projects, Systems and Application Development). 

Maintain Control

A way for a company to maintain control while cutting costs and maximizing internal audit capabilities. Co-sourcing arrangements with PBC allow the in-house auditors to retain responsibility for the internal audit process while relying on our outside specialized technical skills and personnel.

Rapid Expansion

Co-Sourcing is well suited for companies experiencing rapid strategic expansion into global markets and diversifying into a variety of business lines, each focused on a niche market requiring specialized expertise.

Limited Staff or Resources

For companies that don’t have the staff capability to deploy new systems, co-sourcing has been used successfully for telecom services projects ranging from consolidation of telecom service providers to establishing their telecom electronic data interchange systems on a cloud platform.

Short-Term Resources

Co-Sourcing allows a company to obtain maximum value from the internal audit function while saving on long-term investment in staff. It also provides in-house flexibility and control, because the projects can be planned and executed without adding staff.

Helping you Succeed

We often see internal stakeholders with a “silo mentality” –this is natural when you are focused on your business. Where it can affect other areas is when internal Audit staff focuses so much on the department’s function, it loses sight of company-level monitoring and profitability issues. As your co-sourcing partner, we want to help your Internal Audit team succeed. We bring expertise and tools, and layer in your in-house experience and analysis to help you present to C-Suite in a way that resonates.