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Cost Optimization

Telecom Optimization Services Many organizations continually struggle to manage their IT budgets. The rush to implement distributed services has allowed many vendors to take advantage of a reactionary environment.   Any telecom vendor’s objective has always been to

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What Does It Mean To Be Business Resilient?

What is Business Resilience? Originally, the term resilience was employed in physics, ecology, and psychology texts to mean the ability of an object, an ecosystem, or a person to recover from internal or external difficulties. Since the

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Fibre, IPVPN, SDWAN, Cable, DSL, Bonding, Redundant Networks, Disaster Preparedness.   How Much Is The Internet? Nearly every business today has an internet connection. Data can range from a simple one line subscription to large dedicated pipelines.

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Are You Getting The Best Rate On Your Conferencing Services?  Cut your conferencing bills by over one half! Getting the players together to talk is an essential part of many businesses. Conferencing calling is a very cost

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Local Service, T1, PRI, Business Lines, MPLS, ATM, Centrex, etc. “My Landline Rates are Good Enough… Aren’t They?” Many organizations are satisfied with their local telephone service if they consistently hear a dial tone when they pick

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Talk Is No Longer Cheap Wireless phone plans and options that do not match your employees’ usage patterns can add significant cost to your business. Many organizations do not have the tools or resources to track how

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Roaming Rates

Negotiating Roaming Rates Mark:  Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation.  We’re here talking with Cully Duffin.  He’s the president of Predict Mobility offering you the best cell phone plan membership in Canada and we’re going

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