Welcome Gen Squeeze! We're glad you're here!

We hear you're in need of a better phone deal; one that gives you more affordable and reliable access to data. Well, have we got one for you! Unlimited talk to North America and 3 GB of data starting at $55/month for BYOD! You'll be operating on Telus' network and the package is approx. 30% less than similar plans with Rogers and Bell, plus we've thrown in a few things to sweeten the deal!

Here's what you need to do to access the offer:

Step 1: Enter Referral Code. Services are provided by Telus to membership based organizations only.
Use your referral code "gensqueeze" for access.
(You will be emailed a membership card that you need later, be sure to check your junk mail!)

Step 2: You will automatically be forwarded to our Telus dealer site (Tom Harris) to order your device and plan. (You will be asked to provide "proof of employment", all you need here is your PBC membership card# - check your junk mail if you can't find this!) You will complete your order online and your device will be mailed to you free of charge.

Device prices change often and the dealer site at time of sign up shows correct pricing. Click here for a snapshot of pricing - subject to change.

Make sure you read through the plan details and FAQ's below!

Don't have a number yet?

You can sign up to 5 friends, family or co-workers at a time under one account, one credit card, each sign up needs their own membership.

Billing Address

Member Program FAQ's

How do I choose a Plan?

  • After you choose your phone you will be prompted to choose your plan unless you are doing a
    BYOD plan. Details on "PBC Member Program.pdf" at www.pbccom.com.

How does the membership work?

  • Everyone must have their own PBC membership, it is a Telus requirement to qualify for special pricing.
  • TELUS may charge certain fees at their discretion for services such as number change, plan switch
    etc. PBC has no control or information on fees. They are generally nominal in the $15 to $35 range.

How do I register for the program?

This offer is only available online via our website. It cannot be redeemed at TELUS stores or dealerlocations.

  • 1. Go to https://pbccom.com
  • 2. Click on PBC MEMBERS TELUS MOBILITY DEAL. (In top right corner)
  • 3. Enter your "Referral Code".
  • 4. Follow Instructions
  • 5. After you pay your PBC Association Fee you will be forwarded to our TELUS dealer ordering portal.
  • 6. Place your order.
  • 7. Select $0 Texting to US
  • 8. Select $0 US Roaming Add-on if you wish this to be your default Roaming Plan

Where can I see the Phone Prices?

  • For viewing purposes only click on the following link. Device prices are based on TELUS Two year
    subsidized rates. (Do not order through this link) TELUS Pricing

At the end of the sign up process it asks me to upload proof of employment, what is this?

  • This is technically an employee purchase program, upload your PBC membership card number that
    is emailed to you, and please check your junk folder.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

  • Yes, you can keep your existing phone number. This is called porting. When you receive your new
    device there will be instructions to call 1-877-To TELUS (1-877-868-3587) and select option "To
    Finish My Transfer". Your device will then cut over from your old phone to your new phone.

Can I keep my existing phone?

  • Yes, you can sign up as "Bring your Own Device" or BYOD. You may have to "unlock" your phone
    with your current provider.

How do I "unlock" my device with my current provider so move it to the PBC Member Program?

  • To unlock your phone, you contact your current provider. Typically, your account must be in good
    standing and there is usually a $50 fee.

I am an existing TELUS Mobility client can I move to the PBC Member Program?

  • Yes, you can move to the program either when your contract has reached its renewal point or by
    paying your Device Balance you can upgrade to a new device and start a new service period.

Can I upgrade my device at any time (2-year program)?

  • Yes, as long you are in good credit standing. When you sign a 2-year Agreement with a discount
    on the purchase of your device, the Device Balance account will appear on your monthly bill. Your
    Device Balance is the remaining portion of the discount you received and it decreases in equal
    amounts every month over your service period. By paying your Device Balance you can upgrade to
    the new device and start a new service period.

What information do I need when I order my phone?

  • PBC Association Program Number
  • If you are porting your phone from another provider you will need your service provider name,
    account number or your device IMEI # (which is found on your phone in the "About" section).

If I am eligible for an activation credit, how is this applied?

  • Any activation credits outlined in the program are spread over 5 months on your invoice. For
    example, if the activation credit is $100 then a credit of $20 per month will be applied to your
    invoice for 5 months.

What is the length of the wireless contracts being offered?

  • This is a 2-year Individual Liability contract.

Who do I call for customer support?

  • For hardware support also call 1-877-527-4PBC (4722) or email business.support@tomharris.com
  • For technical support you may also call TELUS directly at 1-800-672-6095 or dial *611 from your

Tell me about Apple Care.

  • Apple diagnostics over the phone or by a certified Apple Master in-store.
  • Flexible payment options2, by month or upfront for two years:
    • $7/month ($9/month for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus; $6/month for the iPad)
    • $129 for 2 years ($169 for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus; $99 for the iPad)
  • Convenient iPhone replacements for AppleCare+ customers at any local TELUS store.

What Roaming Plans are available?

  • When you sign up make sure you select $0 TELUS Business Roam Ready US. This acts as
    Roaming Insurance so you always have a plan. You can always call in and add a package for more
    specific use.***Always turn off Data Roaming on your phone when not travelling out of
    Canada as accidental charges can be incurred near the border.

TELUS Roam Ready U.S. Rates included with Voice & Smartphone Plans:

Voice & Text

  • Monthly Price $0
  • $20 - Unlimited U.S. to Canada / U.S.
  • Unlimited U.S. incoming and outgoing SMS


  • Up to 500MB U.S. Data $30
  • Additional U.S. Data $30 per each additional bucket of 500MB

For more information on Roaming please call 1-877-527-4PBC (4722) or email

Data Overage is expensive. How can I monitor it?

  • Data Overage is expensive. How can I monitor it?
    1. 1. Android - RadioOpt Traffic Monitor
    2. 2. Apple - Mobidia - My Data Manager