Cost Optimization

Cost optimization can reveal gaps in your spending and uncover capital, that directly affects your bottom line.

Telecom Optimization Services

Many organizations continually struggle to manage their IT budgets. The rush to implement distributed services has allowed many vendors to take advantage of a reactionary environment.  

Any telecom vendor’s objective has always been to maximize revenue from their clients.

80% of telecom billings are incorrect, and, of those errors, 98% go undetected (GARTNER)

We at PBC have a unique history of expertise and vendor knowledge, allowing us to uncover hidden cost opportunities using leverage, real-time data, and experience.  

Service Value

Our Telecom Optimization services provide specific value to our executive clients by the following key value propositions.

  • Reduce Costs by an average of 35%
  • Enhance Quality of Service and Reliability of Voice and Data Services
  • Optimization provides the opportunity to reallocate recovered revenue

Our Specific Telecom Optimization Services

Our PBC team has extensive knowledge of vendor pricing models, contract structure, vendor agnostic relationships and negotiation experience. We provide a 3-year ongoing review service with agreed-upon milestones and reporting aligned to our client needs.


Specific areas that PBC focuses upon:


PBC Cost Optimization Services – Delivered as Needed

  • Contract Cost (Re)negotiation, Renewal, and terms negotiation 
  • Coordination of Procurement of Move, Add, Change, Delete (MACD) Services
  • Recommendation of Best-in-Class Services
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Stakeholder-Specific Reporting
  • Bridging potential communication gaps between C-Suite, IT, AP, and Procurement
  • Billing Error Audit and Recovery

PBC Recurring Services

  • Monthly Billing & Error Audit
  • Quarterly Usage Review and Reporting
  • Quarterly Unused Services Audit and Reporting
  • Monthly Price Change Monitoring
  • Regular Internal Control Service Audit



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